Skype with China

Today we linked up with Yeh Wah International Education School of Yantai, Shandong. Their class had 33 students and a lot of them liked basketball. We showed them some food and sports in Australia like lamingtons and vegemite and sports like aussie rules football, cricket, horse riding and basketball. I learnt that a lot of the Chinese students had phones and pet dogs and that they went to an international school. I think that it is a good way to learn about China because they live in China and they can also speak English so we can ask them questions.. It was hard to talk to them though because they were always talking or laughing. They also showed us a video games magazine where I saw 2 games that I had played before, League of Legends and Gears of War. League of Legends and Gears of War. It was cool to talk to people from far away in a different time zone.china today

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